YCH Homebrew Products Now Available in Europe!

It’s official – our beloved homebrew community across the pond now has access to our hop products and popular American varieties! Packaged to meet our quality specifications at our new production facility in Mont-Saint-Guibert, we are thrilled to provide retailers and distributors with YCH’s homebrew products for the European market.

Yakima Chief Hops is the leading grower owned hop supplier based in the Pacific Northwest – the heart of America’s hop industry. Our mission is to connect brewers worldwide with the independent family farms that supply their hops. With a focus on quality, innovation and sustainability, we have been supplying the commercial brewing community with premium hop products for more than 30 years. Until recently, the availability of our products in homebrew packaging, or small pack, has been mostly limited to the US market.

With the expansion of the craft beer industry, we are dedicated to increasing our global reach and ensuring brewers worldwide have access to our products. We believe that homebrewers are at the heart of the art of craft beer, and we strive to supply them with the same extensive portfolio of hop products as commercial brewers.

Following the opening of our new distribution center and European headquarters in Mont-Saint-Guibert (Belgium) this year, we have installed a sophisticated small pack production line at this EU location. Our unique production facilities and processes are geared towards meeting the highest quality standards, from nitrogen flushed packaging to optimal storage conditions.

“We are very proud to now be able to provide full boxes of Yakima Chief Hops® small packs to European homebrew stores and retailers. We package foils of T90 pellets in 1kg and 50g, and Cryo Hops® pellets in 1kg and 25g, with the same uncompromising dedication to quality that we put towards the production of our commercial brewery 5kg pack type made out of Yakima in the USA,” said Maria Skalli, European Business Development Lead at Yakima Chief Hops. “Bringing these smaller formats dedicated to homebrew use will protect hops and guarantee that the optimum YCH supply chain is in place from our US family hop farms all the way through to homebrewers’ hands, avoiding risk of hop oxidation. Until now, in Europe, our larger bags would typically be opened up by homebrewers or 3rd party companies and then partly used to meet homebrew smaller addition rates, putting hop quality at risk.”

At Yakima Chief Hops, we are always committed to partnering with distributors and retailers that align with our company values, as we view these partnerships as an extension of our business and family farms. While we are not currently selling directly to homebrewers, we encourage you to let your favorite local homebrew store know that we now have hop products available for them! Distributors and retailers can reach out to us at Homebrew.EU@yakimachief.com to discuss this new opportunity and gain access to our latest homebrew products.

We appreciate the support of our amazing homebrew community and can’t wait to see what you all brew up with our hops in Europe! Don’t forget to tag us on social media and share your latest brew. Cheers!