Oregon Wild Earth Day Brewshed® Collaboration

Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) in partnership with Coleman Agriculture is pledging support for Oregon Wild’s Brewshed® Alliance with an Earth Day brew day bonanza! Breweries from around Oregon are raising awareness (and their glasses) for clean water initiatives like the River Democracy Act with the Wild and Scenic Earth Day Collaboration Series!

“As beer lovers, we recognize that there is a natural connection between clean water and great tasting beer” says Levi Wyatt, YCH’s Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility. “We have to acknowledge the great responsibility that comes with that, responsibility to ensure these waterways stay protected and stay wild for generations to come.”

YCH and Coleman Agriculture have donated hops to participating breweries, who will then donate a portion of proceeds to support Oregon Wild’s conservation work. Founded in 1847, Coleman Agriculture is one of the original hop farming families of Western Oregon. With 7500 acres of farmland irrigated from the Willamette River and other Oregon water sheds, Coleman Ag truly understands the value of clean water and sustainable farming practices. In addition to hops, they also farm hazelnuts, seed crops, and vegetables, diversifying their use of the rich Willamette Valley soil. “From growing, to processing and brewing; I think the central importance of water across the beer industry is a really cool connection point we all share and can enthusiastically get behind” says Garrett Weaver of Coleman Agriculture. “By designating more river coastlines as Wild and Scenic via the River Democracy Act, we protect our watershed from potential industry related contaminants that could compromise the water quality we depend on to grow our hops.”

Oregon Wild was created in 1974 to represent the fish and wildlife, ancient forests, and rich diversity of public lands and landscapes that make Oregon so special. They are currently raising awareness for the River Democracy Act, which has the potential to protect two million acres of public land, and over 3,200 miles of Oregon’s rivers and streams. For perspective, Oregon currently only protects 2,200 miles of rivers, meaning this act would more than double all existing protections. “This is a long overdue, sweeping protection that can have a huge impact on salmon, other wildlife, our forests, and our climate.” says Jonathan Jelen of Oregon Wild on this historic opportunity. In addition to protecting the waterway itself, this act will put in place a protective buffer on each side of the waterway to better protect the clean water, fish and wildlife habitat, and forests that are so vital to these areas.

The Oregon Brewshed® Alliance is dedicated to protecting brewers’ beloved waterways. The Pacific Northwest is just as well known for its breathtaking scenery as much as its world class beer! Here at YCH, we wholeheartedly embrace the efforts being made both big and small to protect the lands we all love and depend on. Great beer starts with great water. Wyatt adds that “As hop growers, we really understand the importance of access to clean water and how important it is for a bountiful harvest. Healthy hops require healthy waterways.”

The committed brewery partners in this noble effort come from a geographically diverse area representing different areas of the impacted watersheds, or brewsheds. Look for Earth Day brews from these fine breweries and celebrate protecting our natural resources!

Hopworks Urban Brewery, Grand Fir Brewing, and Ecliptic Brewing all make their beer in the Bullrun Brewshed, which affects many Portland breweries. The Little Sandy River stands to gain new protection under the River Democracy Act to provide a better buffer for Portland’s drinking water supply.

King Salmon Imperial IPA from Hopworks: King Salmon IIPA is a delicious hop bomb of a Salmon Safe beer. Rich in tropical and citrus hop flavors, it is a wonderful example of how great a beer made with Salmon Safe hops and malt can be!

Tendril Session IPA from Grand Fir:  With notes of Candied pineapple, Meyer lemon, and Chantilly cream, this low ABV IPA is a real treat.

Wild and Scenic West Coast Pilsner from Ecliptic Brewing: Brewed like a German Pilsner and dry-hopped like a West Coast IPA, this beer is balanced and crisp, clocking in at 6% ABV. $1 from every pint sold of this brew will be donated to support Oregon Wild's conservation efforts to expand Wild & Scenic River protections to 3,000+ miles of Oregon's waterways through the River Democracy Act.

pFriem Family Brewers is right on the Hood River, in the brewshed of its namesake. The West Fork Hood River and Cold Springs Creem (Tamanawas Falls) would both be protected under the River Democracy Act. They’ve created Oregon Wild IPA: Brewed with Salmon Safe hops from Coleman Ag, and Salmon Safe malted barley from Linc Malt, this IPA has notes of tropical fruit, citrus, and finishes clean and crisp on the pallet. This classic Northwest IPA celebrates sustainably sourced local ingredients and is the perfect beer after a day on the water.

Sunriver Brewing Company in Sunriver lies in the Upper Deschutes brewshed. This includes the Fall River and key tributaries of the iconic Metolius River – all to be protected under the River Democracy Act. They have created Skinny Dippin’ Salmon Safe Session IPA: This crushable IPA was brewed with Salmon-Safe ingredients, utilizing barley from Skagit Valley Malting and hops from Coleman Agriculture. Skinny Dippin' is dry hopped and loaded with Simcoe®, Citra®, Mosaic®, and Talus®.

Worthy Brewing in Bend represents the Tumalo Creek brewshed. Tumalo Creek as well as the headwater streams like Bridge Creek are just a few of the waterways that would receive new protections under the River Democracy Act. Canopyia IPA: An ode to Worthy’s love for forest canopies, this 100% Salmon-Safe classic American IPA comes with large notes of citrus, pine, caramel, and a balanced underlying bitterness.


Other breweries to look for Wild and Scenic Earth Day brews from include Fort George Brewery in Astoria, Ruse Brewing in Portland, Little Beast Brewing in Portland, and Falling Sky Brewing in Eugene.