Joe Catron, Vice President of the Footprints® program at Yakima Chief Ranches is here to provide today's crop update from the hop yards of Yakima Valley, WA. The hops are showing solid growth, overcoming the high temperatures experienced earlier in the summer, with the region settling into average temperatures of 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The hop plants are enjoying these ideal growing temperatures and starting to flower. Growers and farm operations are in a very busy and productive time of year as they prepare for harvest ahead, which typically starts around the end of August.

The Footprints® program is Yakima Chief Ranches comprehensive brand management program of standards and practices that ensure hops are grown and harvested with the highest level of consistency, purity and excellence. This involves careful monitoring and scouting to ensure the managed hops are meeting those standards, while also being protected from common pests. This intensive quality standards program is an example of how seriously we take providing quality hops for our brewing community.

Catron and the entire Footprints® program team are working hard to bring premium hops to kettles around the world, and into a pint glass near you! Continue following along with our Field Reports for real-time updates on the 2021 crop!