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The world is becoming more and more aware of the ways we can support the members of our global communities and continue to work towards eliminating racial inequities. We believe this is important work that must be done in the pursuit of equality for all, and we are optimistic that more change is coming if we keep the momentum moving in open and positive ways.

As a result, we continue to engage with those who are working to unravel the root causes of racism and oppression and holding people and organizations accountable for their words and actions that may contribute. We support and encourage this constructive dialogue.

We are aware that there may be some confusion surrounding the name of our company. As a 100% grower owned organization and network of family farms, we pride ourselves on being transparent and want to address this topic openly.

The name Yakima Chief Hops serves as a tribute to the land on which we farm, the Yakima Valley, and the nation’s hop capital. By bringing this name to the forefront, our intention is to put Yakima on the map for brewers and beer drinkers across the globe and give credit to the growers and field workers that have grown hops here for generations.

The word “chief” serves as a reflection of our commitment to hop quality and innovation, as we work to produce chief hops in the industry. Through the use of the word “chief,” we also wish to honor the reservation land, the Yakama people who have worked with our family farms for generations and the support of the tribal community that has contributed to our growth.

Yakima Chief Hops does not claim to have a cultural connection to the Yakama Nation, and we do not utilize any Native American imagery or sacred iconography. While our original Yakima Chief, Inc logo included tribal imagery, this is no longer being utilized and does not reflect the current branding of YCH.

It was then adopted by our hop breeding and management partner, Yakima Chief Ranches, but they also no longer utilize this logo, and it does not reflect the current branding of YCR. If you have any questions regarding their use of the logo, please feel free to reach out to them by visiting: https://www.yakimachiefranches.com/about/contact/ 

The Yakama Nation and its people are a major part of the Yakima Valley’s hop history, and still play a significant role in the hop community today. Many members of the tribe work on the hop farms and some of our growers lease land from the reservation, both having a positive impact on the reservation economy. Our founding growers and their families have worked closely alongside tribal families to enhance the farming lands and celebrate our rich agricultural region.

We also recently had the privilege of hiring a new Vice President of Corporate Responsibility, Ted Strong, who is a member of the Yakama Nation, a Native American tribal community local to the Yakima area. Not only does he come to YCH with an astounding background in sustainability, but he has also helped us to foster a stronger connection with the Yakama Nation.

We are currently working with the Yakama Nation on the following three areas:

Economic development which includes helping the Yakama Nation establish a feasibility study for a 600 acre hop farm and potentially helping them to establish and nurture a Yakama brand for agricultural products.

Environmental stewardship projects which include conforming our Green Chief® program to include best practices in support of reestablishing migratory salmon, sturgeon, and lamprey eel habitat on Yakima River tributaries on tribal trust lands.

Social responsibility projects which include providing support for establishing Boys & Girls Clubs in Reservation communities to promote the well-being of their youth groups.

Stated within our Vision statement, we aim to be responsible neighbors in our community and make a positive impact on everyone we encounter. Through our extensive Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, we contribute to meaningful programs and organizations, with a large focus on our community’s youth, specifically within underserved communities.

Understanding that many of our surrounding communities are disproportionately affected by environmental and socio-economic issues, YCH supports the people and organizations that positively impact the communities in which we work and live. By providing both boots on the ground volunteerism and corporate funding, we aim to help advance community health and contribute to the overall betterment of society. Some of the organizations that we are proud to be working with include:

  • Peacekeepers Society – protecting at risk youth by providing drug/alcohol/suicide prevention programs and other community building events
  • Heritage University – ensuring college degrees remain accessible for all with the talent and drive to succeed
  • Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity – promoting policy and legislation to advance traditional Hispanic values
  • Habitat for Humanity – supporting affordable housing to build a strong and stable community
  • Central Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce – serving Hispanic, Latino, and Chicano businesses and individuals
  • Black Lives Matter – supporting the Black is Beautiful initiative by providing hops at a discounted rate to help put more dollars back into the organizations that promote justice and equality for BIPOC communities
  • All Together project – providing hop donations to support hospitality professionals
  • Union Gospel Mission – providing emergency and long-term services for individuals experiencing homelessness
  • American Cancer Society – promoting and providing volunteer opportunities to raise awareness and funds toward Cancer Research.
  • Pink Boots Society – providing awareness and funds to support women in brewing scholarships.
  • Ales for ALS – providing awareness and resources to raise funds for ALS research.
  • Resilience, USA and AUS – providing hop donations to support fire relief funds.

We appreciate the opportunity to participate in this dialogue as it is a signal that people are paying attention and working diligently to make this world a more cohesive place. We want people to know that we make our business decisions with the best interest of our community in mind, striving to maintain a successful organization to continue employing and supporting local families and programs.

We hope that this provides you with the clarity and confidence to continue supporting the Yakima Chief Hops brand. Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any additional questions and feedback at hops@yakimachief.com. We are always open to new ideas and thoughts, and are committed to continually improving everything that we say and do.

Stay well,

Yakima Chief Hops