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YAKIMA, Wash., Nov. 7, 2022 – Yakima Chief Hops (YCH), a 100% grower owned global hop supplier, and New Zealand Hops Ltd. (NZ Hops), the only Grower Cooperative in New Zealand have entered into a global partnership. This is a defining moment in the hop industry as two organizations who share similar values as being grower-led change the game by joining the most important aroma hop markets in the world to bring tremendous tasting and aromatic hops to brewers around the globe. Always pursuing their mission to connect brewers and growers, YCH is excited to have brewers worldwide share that same connection with not just the growers of the Pacific Northwest, but those from New Zealand as well.

YCH was founded on the mission to connect family hop farms with the world’s finest brewers. “Connecting family hop farms doesn’t just mean the families here in our back yard.” says Bryan Pierce, YCH’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, “Many of the growers from NZ Hops are cut from the same cloth, and are multi-generational families who have a passion for hops in their blood just like those here in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.”

In a global partnership, YCH will be a preferred supplier of NZ Hops products around the world. “Our farms have the best quality hops grown in New Zealand but we needed a partner that could help us get them to the world. There is no one better than Yakima Chief Hops when it comes to global access and reliability.” says Blair Stewart, NZ Hops General Manager Sales & Marketing.

NZ Hops varieties in T-90 pellet form will be available through YCH immediately. Following the 2023 harvest in spring, YCH plans to produce the following varieties into their patented Cryo Hops® brand pellet form: Nelson Sauvin™, Motueka™, Wai-iti™, Wakatu™, Riwaka™, and Nectaron®.

Yakima Chief Hops customers can access NZ Hops’ varieties via YCH’s regional sales team or can be accessed through a commercial brewer account at www.yakimachief.com/commercial/hop-wire/nz-hops-partnership.


Yakima Chief Hops

YCH is a 100% grower-owned global hop supplier with a mission to connect brewers with family hop farms. Operating for more than 30 years, we have become more than a hop supplier. We are leaders of innovation, quality and customer service. We are a resource for brewers, providing solutions-based products and industry leading research. We are advocates of sustainability and meaningful social causes, working to support the environment and communities around us. https://www.yakimachief.com/


Bryan Pierce

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer