Beer Recipes

Beer Recipes

Over the past few years, we have worked to build a robust team of capable and experienced brewers, many of them recruited directly from the commercial brewing industry. As our Brewing Innovations team, they work together to dream up new products, create resources for brewing customers and, of course, brew with our products to discover the best brewing applications and recipes for different varieties and products.

On this page, we are happy to share some of the recipes that they have created to offer inspiration and ideas of ways to utilize the endless combinations of hop ingredients. Each recipe was created with the intention of showcasing certain hop products in the most ideal way or evoking special characteristics from the chosen hop products. These recipes are simply ideas and suggestions and are not intended to show brewers exactly how a product should be utilized. We want YOU to be the artist. Enjoy, and happy brewing!

  1. YCH003 - Pale Ale
  2. Belgian Witbier
  3. YCH007 - Dry Irish Stout
  4. YCH011 - Ahtanum Pilsner
  5. YCH020 - Citra CO2 Extract Pale Ale
  6. YCH021 - Panchita Pale Ale
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