Sensory Analysis Program

Quality and Innovation are two of our core values here at Yakima Chief Hops. In honor of these values, the Sensory Analysis Program was created! Our sensory program strives to ensure quality throughout the production and brewing processes, to identify and describe novel varieties and products, and to promote sensory education throughout the industry. We currently host two descriptive analysis panels comprised of dedicated employees who have undergone robust training and are regularly validated for acuity and consistency.

They perform regular sensory assessment on hop and beer samples in our newly renovated “Aroma Dome”. Our team works in tandem with the Research & Development Lab, Yakima Chief Ranches, and the Yakima Chief Research Brewery to provide meaningful and reliable data to hop growers, brewers and passionate beer drinkers around the world.

by Yakima Chief Hops August 11, 2019

Hop Sensory Evaluation Methods

by Yakima Chief Hops August 11, 2019

Beer Tasting Sheet

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