To best serve our brewers, we must constantly evolve the techniques and technologies we employ to grow, process, package and ship hops. The global brewing community is a creative yet competitive industry. It is our job as a hop supplier to enable them with the tools and ingredients to push the envelope on quality beers. This is why we have made it our commitment to discover and develop solutions-based hop products. From improved efficiency and cost-savings to enhanced flavors and aromas, we want our products to produce real results and be a valuable asset in the brewhouse. Over the past few years, we have remained focused on employing the brightest minds in the hop and brewing industry, helping us to build robust teams and pioneer new ideas. We’ve been able to initiate research projects to help us be better advocates for brewers and share tips on how to get the most out of our hop products. With that, we’ve been able to produce game-changing products like Cryo Hops®, implement state-of-the-art energy-efficient facilities and create online information resources. A YCH we’re always looking to anticipate and initiate the next trend in beer to support the entire brewing our community with leading edge products, tools and information.

Innovative Origins

The roots of our pioneering history start with the reinvention of the entire business.

It all started with the decision to become the only grower-owned network of hop farms partnering with brewers around the world. Only by establishing a direct relationship between growers and brewers could we create a culture of ongoing investment in new product discovery, process improvement and sustainability.


Like brewing, much of farming comes down to understanding and controlling the many variables that can compromise the end product. We realized early on that to achieve consistent results across many different growers and growing seasons, there had to be a solid quality program. So we created one. Green Chief® is our system of best practices and guidelines that equip our growers with the tools needed to raise the bar, year after year.


There’s an entrepreneurial spirit that drives our grower network to constantly improve how we develop, grow, harvest and process some of the world’s most in-demand hops. The direct connection Yakima Chief Hops fosters between growers and brewers provides the inspiration and feedback needed to anticipate trends and proactively improve operations to be more efficient and productive.


Yakima Chief Ranches truly defines the leading edge of hop science. Through their partnership in Hop Breeding Company*, they have jointly contributed to the release of some of the most exciting new hop brands on the market today. They also work diligently to manage and maintain the quality of these popular hop brands across every farm that grows them through their Footprints® program. Yakima Chief Hops has the honor of bringing these quality, innovative new hop brands to market.

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One of the great things about bringing growers and brewers together is that it accelerates the development of groundbreaking products. Needs become ideas, which become solutions that help brewers make their next beer their best beer. With innovations like Cryo Hops® and new processing solutions, Yakima Chief Hops is always striving to stay ahead of what’s next in beer.


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