The Top Cut Awards are an annual tradition to recognize and honor the hard work and dedication of hop growers who consistently deliver exceptional quality hops. This year’s winners were announced during a celebratory banquet in Yakima, Washington. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the farms that strive to bring the highest quality product to market for brewers around the world!

Growers that deliver hops for both Yakima Chief Ranches (YCR) and Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) are evaluated based on our Green Chief® scoring model. Our Green Chief® Program was created by YCH, YCR, and growers as an internal audit for farm quality and sustainability management. It promotes collaboration between grower owners and our allied farms, and healthy competition when it comes to quality, environmental and social responsibility. Through the Green Chief® Program, our growers continue to elevate hop farming that not only benefits the growers but also our global brewing customers. Yakima Chief Hops’ Farm Quality Plan and Best Practices Harvest Checklist were modeled after the USDA Good Agricultural Practices to ensure facility safety and readiness for harvesting.   

This evaluation takes place after each harvest season and utilizes a points-based system across three categories, Variety, Sensory, and Facility. To be eligible for Green Chief® Scoring, growers cannot have any lots rejected.

Farm categories are based on production volume, and the highest-scoring grower in each category receives the Platinum Award. The next highest tallies are recognized as the Gold and Silver Awards respectively.

With great pride, we celebrate the achievements of our small, medium, and large farms for producing the best of the best quality hops! Cheers to this year’s Top Cut Award winners, and a sincere ‘thank you’ to all our growers for continually pushing the boundaries of excellence and making an impact in their field!

Small Farm Category


Crosby Hop Farm

·         Established in Woodburn, Oregon in 1900, fifth-generation Crosby Hops has been growing hops for YCH for 2 years and currently cultivates 3 different varietals.

Central Cove

·         Central Cove is a First-generation hop farm, growing in Parma, Idaho since 2016. They have been growing hops for YCH for 7 years, and currently grow 3 varieties.


Segal Ranch LLC.

·         Third-generation hop growers, established in 1910 in Granger, Washington. Segal Ranch has been growing hops for YCH for 4 years and offers 11 different varietals.


·         First-generation hop farm established in Wapato, Washington in 2008. BioQuest Inc. had been providing hops to YCH for 6 years, with 2 different varietals.


Capitol Farms Inc.

·         Establish in Salem, Oregon in 1951, Capitol Farms is a fourth-generation hop grower. They have been providing hops to YCH for 7 years, and currently grow 2 varietals.

Medium Farm Category


Sauve & Son Farms

·         One of Yakima Chief’s original hop farming families, Sauve & Son are fourth-generation hop growers, established in Mabton, Washington in 1938. They have been growing with YCH for 28 years, and currently offer 13 varieties.


TV Hops LLC.

·         First-generation hop farm in Wilder, Idaho. Established in 2016. TV Hops has been growing for YCH for 6 years, offering 5 different varieties.



Warrior Ranches

·         Established in Granger, Washington in 1963, this third-generation hop farm is one of Yakima Chief Hops’ original growers, delivering hops for 35 years. They currently offer 10 different varietals.


Van Horn Farms Inc.

·         Founded in 1904, fifth-generation Van Horn Farms from Moxee, Washington are one of Yakima Chief’s original hop growers. Producing hops for YCH for 35 years, they currently grow 8 varieties.


Newhouse Farms Inc.

  • Established in the 1940s, third-generation hop growers from Sunnyside, Washington Newhouse Farms is one of the original Yakima Chief Hops growers. Growing for YCH for 30 years, they currently offer 8 different varieties.

Large Farm Category


Carpenter Ranches LLC.

·         Established in Granger, Washington in 1868, sixth-generation Carpenter Ranches are part of Yakima Chief’s original family of growers, providing hops since the company’s inception 35 years ago. They currently produce 21 different varieties.


Shinn & Son Inc.

·         Established in 1980, fourth-generation farm growing in Toppenish, Washington. Shinn & Son has been providing hops to YCH for 19 years and currently offers 8 varietals.



Perrault Farms Inc.

·         Established in 1902, fifth-generation Perrault Farms in Toppenish, Washington is one of the founding farms in the Yakima Chief Hops family, delivering hops for 35 years. They currently offer 17 varieties.


Oasis Farms

·         Fourth-generation hop farm in Prosser, Washington. Oasis Farms was established in 1963 and has been growing for YCH for 8 years.



Loftus Ranches LLC.

·         Fourth-generation hop farm in Moxee, Washington, Loftus Ranches was established in 1932 and is one of Yakima Chief Hops’ founding growers. They currently offer 18 varieties.


Central Cove - Silver, Small Farm Category

Segal Ranch - Gold, Small Farm Category

BioQuest - Gold, Small Farm Category

Capitol Farms - Platinum, Small Farm Category

Sauve & Son Farms - Silver, Medium Farm Category

TV Hops - Silver, Medium Farm Category

Warrior Ranches - Gold, Medium Farm Category

Newhouse Farms - Platinum, Medium Farm Category

Carpenter Ranches - Silver, Large Farm Category

Shinn & Son - Silver, Large Farm Category

Perrault Farms - Gold, Large Farm Category

Loftus Ranches - Platinum, Large Farm Category