6th Annual Pink Boots Blend

Yakima Chief Hops is proud to celebrate and support women and non-binary individuals alongside the Pink Boots Society as we announce the 6th Annual Pink Boots Blend!

The pre-order for the 6th Annual Pink Boots Pre-Order is officially open. A portion of the sales proceeds benefits the Pink Boots Society scholarship program which exists to assist, inspire, and encourage women in the fermented beverage industry to advance careers through education. YCH and Pink Boots Society have worked together for the past six years to raise support for women and non-binary individuals, generating over $500,000 in total scholarship funding through the Pink Boots Blend.

Each year, members from the Pink Boots Society collaborate with Yakima Chief Hops to curate the annual blend recipe. This year was a hybrid selection process of both mailed and in-person selection voting to include more chapters. We gathered in Denver during the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) to rub hops, take sensory notes, and submit votes for the standout blend profile. This year’s blend is a medley of aromas that will result in fantastic beer and, best of all…women and non-binary empowerment & community!

"Collaborating with members is what I think helps us make each hop blend unique. This blend is simple and powerful at the same time. I hope it will inspire some really great brew days. The Pink Boots Blend brings so many individuals together in our community from the hops blend to the pour in a glass. That is something I will always cherish!" says Barbara McDonald, Lead Distiller at Laws Whiskey House.

6th Annual Pink Boots Blend Varieties:

·         Loral®

·         Ekuanot®

·         HBC 586

The Yakima Chief Hops sensory team anticipates floral, citrus, tropical and stone fruit aromas.

The blend pre-order is now open for commercial brewers worldwide. $3 of every pound purchased will be donated to the Pink Boots Society scholarship program. Last year the Pink Boots Blend sold out, so be sure to place your pre-order to secure your volume for your planned brew schedules and collab days! The deadline to sign up for pre-order is Dec. 31st, 2022, with the product expected to ship at the beginning of January.

Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day

Join the tradition. Build a community. Empower one another.

Pink Boots Society (PBS) invites brewers to join the industry-wide movement of hosting and participating in Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Days. Each year in honor of International Women’s Day, women gather to brew their Pink Boots Blend beer. Whether it is hosting an educational training day or sharing the brew deck with experienced friends and peers, we encourage you to register for your brew day with Pink Boots Society and learn more about how to make the most impact with your Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day for International Women’s Day 2023. Register here: www.pinkbootssociety.org/pink-boots-brew/registration/