Creating Positive Change Through Hop Blends

Hop blends have the ability to create combinations of flavors as well as collaboration within the brewing industry

At Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) we strive to be a responsible neighbor as well as positive contributors to the communities in which we live. It is through our core values and a company-wide desire to create positive change that YCH is able to utilize our resources and include small and growing parts of the industry. The community blends programs in cooperation with brewing partners allow our supply chain to go beyond beer and make contributions that impact, inspire and bring people together. What makes these blends unique? YCH includes brewing partners and organizations in selection of varieties that will formulate the blend each year making the process a true collaboration from selection to brew.

For over a decade, Yakima Chief Hops has recognized the value in blending. It was through the process of creating blends that YCH saw the opportunity to include brewing partners and create something bigger than beer, from idea to impact. Seven years later, YCH’s Community blend program continues to grow and raise awareness for causes important to the global brewing industry.   

The community blend program contributes to mission-driven 501(C) 3 non-profit organizations that rely on generous donations and have a direct impact on important causes. These programs offer breweries the opportunity to give back year-round through the Falconer’s Flight Blend, Pink Boots Blend and Veterans Blend.

Every summer, YCH gears up for the July kick-off to the annual Veterans Blend. This program was the inspiration from the military veterans of Yakima Chief Hops. Each year YCH collaborates with Veterans from the industry to select both the hop blend and the non-profit organization that directly supports various aspects of the Veteran community and brings value to the lives of those who have served. With this community blend, we hope to inspire brewers to brew beers that multiply these efforts and connect heroes from field to pint. We encourage brewers to involve their neighboring veterans in the celebratory brewing process, creating a positive and exciting experience for members of this community.

The 5th Annual Veterans Blend provides the brewing community opportunities to honor and provide needed resources for military Veterans and add to their brewing schedules as well as brew tribute beers in honor of Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day with donations supporting local VFW’s or charitable organizations that support military members and their families.

YCH is partnering with the HunterSeven Foundation for the 5th Annual blend with $3 of every pound sold going back to HunterSeven, a Veteran-founded, federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that specializes in medical research and education specifically on the post-9/11 Veteran cohort. The foundation has quickly become the leaders in identifying potential toxic exposures and subsequent illnesses in military Veterans. Their Immediate Needs program promotes proactive wellness, medical care and recovery as well as caregiver support. YCH is honored to help raise awareness and provide a platform to educate on these important issues.

Options/opportunities/suggestions to support the 5th Annual Veterans blend and military Veterans include:

  • Coordinate a brew day with local Veterans/organizations in your area to meet and plan a day to bring Veterans into the brew house and learn about the brewing process.
  • Brew a beer honoring military Veterans and their families with a portion of sales being donated to nonprofits that support the needs of the Veteran community.
  • Use your beer label to raise awareness. Allocate some of the real estate of a beer can label to share facts or call out a local group consumers can support.
  • Find suppliers who are donating to Veteran organizations.
  • Host an event that brings local groups into the taproom for educational opportunities for your patrons.

YCH’s Community Blend Program is helping to provide a way to positively interact with your local communities on important causes. Collaboratively, the brewing community has the ability to be a positive force by aiding those who need it and continuing to brew for good.