Yakima Chief Hops in Canada

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Yakima Chief Hops has been serving the global brewing community for more than 30 years, bringing Pacific Northwest grown hops from local family farms to brewers worldwide. Over the years, we have worked to establish partnerships and facilities that allow us to meet the individual needs of each region. Specifically, our partnerships with Country Malt Group and Brew Culture provide Canadian brewers with the ease of purchasing their hops along with other brewing supplies from one source.

In addition to our current partnership with CMG and Brew Culture, we are thrilled to announce that we are now forming our own Canada-based business entity as a way to further enhance our presence in the Canadian brewing community. As part of this effort, we will be leasing the cold storage freezer within the Scott Labs complex in southern Ontario, providing us with the opportunity to ship from a local facility when possible. This allows us to provide Canadian brewers with next-level service including:

  • The ability to do business in CAD with YCH
  • YCH-handled customs brokerage
  • Improved shipping lanes and delivery times
  • Expanded access to YCH inventory, including proprietary varieties such as Mosaic®, Citra® and Simcoe® as well as our advanced products
  • Greater resources unique to the needs of the local brewing community
  • And as always, direct relationships with YCH sales team members

With that, we are pleased to introduce you to our amazing sales team members serving the Canada region, if you have not had the opportunity to meet them already:



As a global hop supplier, our North American distributor, Country Malt Group, and Canadian distributor, Brew Culture, both play a vital role in our connection to regional breweries. CMG and Brew Culture will continue to supply Yakima Chief Hops products and, as always, are a great resource for the Canadian brewing community. We encourage you to continue working with your current distributor and sales representative as we all work together to meet the needs of your brewery and maintain strong relationships. Alongside these partnerships, our increased presence in Canada will help to further improve your access to quality YCH products. 

As a 100% grower-owned organization with a mission to connect multi-generational family farms to brewers across the globe, we also encourage you to visit our website at yakimachief.com to learn more about where our hops are sourced. You can also establish a commercial brewer account on our spot site at www.yakimachief.com to view our current spot inventory and place an order online.

We look forward to getting to know more of the talented brewers that make up the Canadian craft beer community and learning more about how our products can become solutions in your brewhouse. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at hops@yakimachief.com if you have any questions.


Yakima Chief Hops