Conserving resources
is both natural and human

There’s something about putting your hands in the earth that keeps your mind on the planet and the future. As a 100% grower-owned, multi-generational company, it’s nearly impossible for us to overlook the impact of every business decision on the environment and local economy, not to mention, our customers, employees and communities.

In addition to ensuring the availability of top-quality hops to brewers around the world, our efforts are always focused on improving the world around us.


Hop farming, like all farming, takes a lot of capital. Smart investments in land, facilities and people ensure the long-term availability of sustainably-raised Northwest hops to meet a growing global demand.

Our business decisions are driven by social responsibility and industry-leading returns that enable our growers to invest in expanding their operations to supports the financial stability of the surrounding communities.

To increase operational cost-efficiency throughout our network of family farms, we conduct an annual cost survey and facilitate collaboration to better understand production costs and provide guidance for individual business plans.


Amount of the revenue returned to growers for hops sold. *CY2018


Sourced from Washington, Oregon
and Idaho farms.

50+ Family Farms

Produced and Supplied raw hops to YCH. *CY2018


Steve Perrault  |  5th Generation Hop Grower  |  Perrault Farms


To thrive, we must adapt. It takes a lot of water and energy to grow, process and deliver a high volume of hops to brewers around the world. Yakima Chief Hops is dedicated to constantly assessing and adopting new activities and technologies to conserve resources and enhance plant health while minimizing our impact across our supply chain.

At Yakima Chief Hops, we believe that gaining true insight and clarity into operational efficiencies often requires an outside perspective. For this reason, we recently partnered with a third-party organization to conduct a pilot Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) study. Having this objective assessment has enabled us to become more intentional in our approach to benchmarking, goal setting and implementation of best practices.

On the Farm

It’s no secret that the Northwest gets plenty of water, but that doesn’t mean we take it for granted. Yakima Chief Hops takes a leading role in water efficiency because we know that every drop saved can be used to irrigate an additional acre of hops or remain in our waterways to support habitat and recreation. We leverage innovations like drip irrigation systems and water-efficient hop varieties to keep water usage at the lowest possible levels.

Based on the LCA assessment, it was concluded that more than 60% of Yakima Chief Hop carbon footprint was attributed to farming operations. Yakima Chief Hops farms have taken major steps in reducing energy consumption and emissions by using variable frequency drives on irrigation pumps, high efficiency LED lighting and solar power. Other efforts include improving fertility and pesticide programs and reducing cultivation to minimize tractor passes and retain organic soil matter.

In Our Facilities

Yakima Chief Hops actively pursues every opportunity to continuously improve and reduce our use of electricity and release less carbon dioxide. Currently we are in the process of installing an additional 50,000 square feet of solar panel coverage in our Sunnyside location, in a step to help us reach our goal of consuming clean energy during our production processes.

Consolidating inventory to one site managed by Lean principles means we receive hops at the site where they will be processed, minimizing internal transfers of product between warehouses.


Electricity generated from onsite solar panels.

1,873,581 Gallons

Water reclaimed to help support local avian habitat & recharge the groundwater.

508,790 LBS

Amount of locally recycled cardboard.


Diversity and Community

A responsible company reflects and supports its communities by hiring qualified employees regardless of gender or ethnicity, and by creating programs that let others share in its prosperity. Yakima Chief Hops provides full-time employment to nearly 250 individuals; with nearly a 45% represented by women and 70% represented from a minority group. Our eclectic body of talent has been the cornerstone for our success.

Since its inception, Yakima Chief Hops’ has built a strong legacy of giving back. Part of our giveback program includes the opportunity to embrace and furthering diversity in the industry through our Community Blends program by supporting worthy causes through collaborative development of new hop varieties. Organizations range from supporting communities affected by natural disasters, supporting veterans, and empowering women.

In addition to these efforts, we know the only way we can continue growing is by welcoming diverse talent into our organization and by providing elevated training and development to our teams. We strive to strengthen the communities in which we live through supporting local businesses, volunteering, financial contributions and educational outreach.

Recognizing Excellence and Innovation

Yakima Chief Hops’ employee incentive and awards programs promote safe and healthy lifestyles, innovation and continuous improvement. Our Excellence and Employee of the Year awards recognize team members who best exemplify Yakima Chief Hops values. The Square Watermelon Award, our highest honor for employee innovation, is awarded annually to the person or group responsible for suggesting the most valuable new idea in support of our mission, vision and values.


Hours of skill-based volunteering donated by employees.


Enrolled in ESL & SSL courses.

55% Employees

Completed individual development plans to assist employees in professional growth.

CSR Report

Download our annual Corporate Social Responsibility Reports to read more about our efforts to bring value to our employees, enrich our communities and protect our natural resources. You can also learn more about our certifications here.