Fresh Hops

At Yakima Chief Hops, we believe in celebrating the agricultural roots of craft beer — in telling the story behind your pint — and in honoring small, independent hop farms throughout the nation. For us, this is the joy of being grower-owned. We take pride in the quality hops that our family farms produce and want to share their story with you through a pint of fresh hop ale.

For brewers, fresh hops are the most exciting and unpredictable form of hops. They endow each harvest with a distinct flavor and layer fresh hop beers with multidimensional aromatic qualities. Fresh Hops are harvested as whole, wet cones at farms throughout the Yakima Valley, and are delivered to breweries nationwide in less than 36 hours. The entire process is full of logistical challenges, but all agree, the taste of the resulting beer is worth it.

Flat Rate Shipping

All orders ship from YCH in Yakima, WA 98902 via UPS Next Day Air (NDA) services. Delivery times are as follows: Early AM 8:00AM to 11:30AM, Standard 10:30AM to 12PM, and Saver 3:00PM to 4:30PM. Early AM and Saver options may not be available in all locations. YCH reserves the right to arrange NDA Standard shipping if the selected option is unavailable. Rural and/or residential addresses may experience delayed delivery times. Payment for all Fresh Hops product and associated shipping charges is due August 17, 2019. *Hawaii customers, please allow an additional 24 hours for delivery.

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Rates are quoted per 10 lb box (20 x 12 x 18). FREIGHT ORDERS CALL FOR CUSTOM QUOTE, FOB YAKIMA, WA


Fresh Hops aromas are unique, what can we say? They vary from year to year and are predominantly described as fresh and grassy. The unadulterated characteristic of these hops is enticing for craft consumers, but can prove to be a challenge for brewers when compared to more traditional forms of hops of the same variety.


Due to varying maturity dates for multiple varieties, scheduling a fresh hop beer can be challenging. Factors such as weather and location all play a role and affect when a variety is ready to harvest.

Brewers participating in the Fresh Hops program should be aware that while Yakima Chief Hops’ staff makes every effort to actively communicate anticipated harvest dates, mother nature is the ultimate decision maker.


Wet hop recipes require 3 to 6 times more hops than traditional whole leaf hops or hop pellets. This ratio can vary, but should always be greater than 1 : 1 due to water retention.


From the moment Fresh Hops are harvested, water loss begins to occur. As a result, shipments are susceptible to small fluctuations in weight.


To ensure quality and freshness, Fresh Hops must be shipped via an overnight service. This results in increased costs, but allows brewers to have fresh Yakima Valley hops in their kettle less than 36 hours after harvest!


Flexibility is the name of the game with Fresh Hops. The logistical challenges are many, but we promise, the hops are fresh! Please be patient and know that we will communicate with you as soon as we can, and as often as we can.