For more than 30 years, our mission statement has always remained consistent – to connect brewers worldwide with the family hop farms that grow their hops. Now, it is more important than ever to achieve that mission by finding new, innovative ways to keep you connected to us and our growers. While we may be physically distancing, we are working to enhance the ways we engage with our brewing partners, digitally, to keep us all reminded of the reasons we love what we do.

On this page, we will be adding virtual webinars and presentations that we host or join in an effort to archive these important topics and resources. We miss spending time with our brewers and hope these webinars will help to keep this community going strong.

2020 Webinars

Carl Zhuang, technical sales manager (china)

Sabro™: Product features and best practices
March 13, 2020 – China
Language: Chinese

Joe Catron, director of ‘hoperations’ (YCR)
Blaze Ruud, director of brewing innovations

Hop Breeding, Brand Management & Hop
May 1, 2020 – Mexico & South America
Language: English       Password: 6h^1u.&Z

Rodrigo Plancarte, regional sales manager (Mx)

Stability, Flavor & Efficiency: A Focus on Hazy
May 4, 2020 – Latin America
Language: Spanish

Let’s Talk Hops!
May 6, 2020 – Latin America
Language: Spanish

Hop Market & The Impact on Farms & Breweries
May 8, 2020 – Latin America
Language: Spanish

Kevin Jing, technical solution director (china)

Polyphenol Hops
April 3, 2020 – China
Language: Chinese


Introduction to Sabro™
May 12, 2020 – France
Language: French      Password: 8Z+#?a0&

richard hodges, regional sales manager (germany, Austria & switzerland)  and nicolas soenen, regional sales manager (benelux)

Intro to Cryo Hops®
June 3, 2020 – Germany
Language: German